5% of your purchase will be donated

Dolls Like Us & Spread The Love!

Dolls we love can help us learn to love ourselves and others!

We donate 5% of each sale to help make the world a better place.

When you purchase from Blackbabydolls, 5 cents of every dollar spent will be donated to organizations that share our passion of spreading love and positivity around the world. We distribute these donations through our Spread the Love Fund. We will also donate our dolls to other public welfare organizations to bring more children a happy childhood. 

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Help us make the world a better place 💙

Do you know an organization that could use some love? Let us know! We're looking for amazing causes to support. 

In your email, please include as much information, resources, and links about the cause as possible. 

Email Address -cguowang06@gmail.com