Our Impact

We donate 5% of each sale to help make the world a better place.

When you purchase from Blackbabydolls, 5 cents of every dollar spent will be donated to organizations that share our passion of spreading love and positivity around the world. We distribute these donations through our Spread the Love Fund. We will also donate our dolls to other public welfare organizations to bring more children a happy childhood. 

The Pass


Until Oct 2021, we donated the doll 'Daisy' to the EDUCATION OF HOPE AFRICA NPO to enrich Children's childhood. We want them to realize that they are part of the world, just like everyone should be. We hope Daisy can bring them innocence, happiness and hope, make their childhood more colorful, and we hope to do more in the future.  

At Present 

Evolving Initiatives

As our business grows, it has quickly become clear just so many different groups and organizations resonate with our core mission of spreading love. This idea has created an urge to expand the impact of our donations beyond our initial focus on children.    

To foster this change, we officially started the Spread the Love Fund on Sep 1, 2021 as a way to expand the network of organizations, communities, and individuals that can benefit from Blackbabydolls’s donations.

While we will continue our partnerships with EDUCATION OF HOPE AFRICA NPO, we are excited to open our donations to a wider variety of organizations who align with our values.

Altrusa International

Altrusa International, Inc of Southwest Dallas County is a non-profit, 501.c.3, community service organization serving the Southwest sector of Dallas County, Texas.

This club is focused on Iliteracy, homelessness, hunger, and the elderly. they want to do is provide dolls to dementia, alzheimer, and other patients of the sort. Studies show that dolls help to calm the patients. We are contacting them to do something for these people. and we are very happy to make our contribution to this.

In the Future

In an effort to foster lasting relationships with the communities and organizations we serve, we are going to go beyond the dollars we donate through the Spread the Love fund. 

We have so many plans for this fund, and have even shifted some of our team's focus to this specific cause. We want to build playgrounds for kids, donate items to homeless shelters, help individuals with their mental health, and more. Our intention is to find a tangible way to support any organization that is focused on making the world a better place. That is the magic of the Spread the Love fund. 


Help us make the world a better place 💙

Do you know an organization that could use some love? Let us know! We're looking for amazing causes to support. 

In your email, please include as much information, resources, and links about the cause as possible. 

Email Address -cguowang06@gmail.com